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Short Texts and Annotations

It's quite usual to add small remarks, like “tr” or “sic”, or footnote references, like “(a)”, in hieroglyphic texts. To do this in JSesh, use the menu entry “Edit/insert short text”.

Now, the text you type will behave just like a hieroglyphic sign. It will have a certain size, but it can be part of a ligature or a group, which allows you to avoid disturbing the other signs layout.


Suppose I want to add “(a)” after a G17 sign. I use “Edit/Insert Short Text”, and they I type the correct text.

But the text appears after the sign: I select both the hieroglyph and the text, and I use “Group/Ligature hieroglyph and group”. And voilà: Alternatively, you may use “Group/Edit Group”:

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