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 Then type your text (search will disregard case) : Then type your text (search will disregard case) :
 {{ :​doc:​en:​searchamon.png?​nolink |Searching for non-hieroglyphic texts}} {{ :​doc:​en:​searchamon.png?​nolink |Searching for non-hieroglyphic texts}}
 +===== Search in folders =====
 +This is a very powerful feature of JSesh : it can search in all the glyph files contained in a folder (and its sub-folders). In a way, you can use your texts (including translations typed in JSesh) as a kind of rough linguistic database.
 +To use this function, use the menu **Edit/Find in Folder**. Then select the "​root"​ folder for your search. ​
 +In the example below, I'm looking for attestation of Atum, using a fairly generic wildcard. Note the use of [...] to include variant signs (some possible determinatives are however missing in this search, I leave it to the interested reader as an exercice).
 +{{ :​doc:​en:​foldersearch.png?​nolink |Search in folders}}
 +Once the search is started, the occurrences will appear in the list below the search form. Double-clicking on an occurrence will open the corresponding document.
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