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JSesh and Word processors

A detailled chapter is devoted to how to use JSesh with various word processors. Here I will only make a small list, and give suggestions.

  • If you can't, avoid WORD. This is not Microsoft bashing, it's a simple constatation. JSesh exports its hieroglyphs as pictures, and word doesn't like them very much. To be honest, it depends on the version of Word. I had many problems with Mac OS versions of Word. Word 2008 tended to mix the pictures. Signs would appear in unexpected parts of the document. Later versions of Word on the Mac seem to have dropped Microsoft's own versions of its own format.
  • LibreOffice, OpenOffice and Neooffice are good, and provide a reasonable compatibility with Word. They respect the pictures you give them, and don't modify them. LibreOffice has a nicer screen display. To be honest, I like the Word processing part, but the “slide” presentation system (Impress) is not really good. OpenOffice (and co) have the really nice advantage that everyone can have the same version of the software.
  • Mac-Specific softwares like Mellel give good results, but have a hard time exporting their text to the rest of the world, especially when the said text contains pictures. So it depends on what you want to do with your texts.
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