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-====== Word processor specific issues====== 
-Alas, alas, alas, copy/paste and graphic embedding are much more complex than they should be, due to a generalized lack of cooperation between the main actors of the domain. Thus we discuss here the issues related to specific word processors (and similar softwares). 
-===== Format choices for Mac applications ===== 
-As of today (april the 21th, 2016) 
-  * Word 2011 for Mac started (at last) to accept copy/paste of RTF texts containing pictures (the "​standard"​ way for JSesh to perform copy/​paste),​ and it accepts now EMF format in them. PDF is no longer the "​best"​ solution as PDF pictures tend to be badly cropped. 
-  * On word 2008, usable formats are RTF and PDF, PDF giving the best results. It seems that you can use "​EMF"​ pictures in the RTF export. EMF gives much better results than Mac Pict. 
-  * On word 2004, only RTF is reasonable. It should be configured to use MacPict pictures 
-  * On Nissus and Mellel, one can use either PDF or RTF. As the PDF keeps its comments, it will be possible in the (near) future to cut and paste to and from JSesh. For RTF, you need to use MacPict as output format. 
-  * On Openoffice/​NeoOffice,​ PDF doesn'​t work yet, so one needs to use RTF. The possible picture formats are MacPict (for maximal compatibility with word) and EMF (with better graphical results). Neoffice 3.1.1 seems to have a bug in EMF support. I stick to 3.0.2 for the moment. 
-===== Format choices for Windows applications ===== 
-  * for Word or Openoffice Writer : use RTF, with EMF as graphical format. You might also use EMF directly. 
-  * for non-text oriented softwares (like Powerpoint) : use EMF. 
-===== Format choices for Linux applications===== 
-For OpenOffice et al. : use RTF, with EMF as graphical format. 
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