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-====== Glossary Editor ====== 
-The glossary editor allows you to create precomposed groups (even words or sentences) and retrieve them easily for quick typing. 
-Suppose you would like to be able to type the article pꜣ in its hieratic form, which is G41-A1, simply by typing "​pA"​. ​ 
-Here is what you need to do: 
-type the text for the group you want. 
-select it, and call "​Edit/​Add Selection to glossary"​ 
-{{ http://​​files_jsesh/​images/​glossaryA.png |Adding selection to the glossary}} 
-the glossary editor window opens, and all you need to do is to type the code you want to use, and then push the "​add"​ button. ​ 
-{{ http://​​files_jsesh/​images/​glossaryB.png |The Glossary Editor}} 
-as soon as the group has been added, you can insert it by typing its code, just like you type the code of a sign. 
-In this precise case, as we used "​pA"​ as code, and "​pA"​ allows to type G41 and G40, the space bar will allow you to cycle through all solutions. 
-===== Complements ===== 
-  * you can remove entries by clicking the "​remove"​ button which follows them in the glossary editor. 
-  * you can open or close the glossary editor by using the "​Window/​Glossary"​ menu entry. 
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