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Adding a hieroglyphic edition field in a SWING interface

Actually, this is quite easy to do. You need to have jsesh.jar in your classpath, and probably jseshGlyphs.jar too if you want the full fonts. Then, having a hieroglyphic field in your application is as easy as:

// The package may change one day in the (far) future.
import package jsesh.mdcDisplayer.swing.editor.*;
public MyClass .... {
   void buildInterface() {
           // A large editor, better placed in a JScrollPane
           JMDCEditor editor= new JMDCEditor();
           // A TextField-like editor
           JMDCField mdcField= new JMDCField();

Now, you can manipulate the text directly through the HieroglyphicTextModel class, which represents the text as a list of objects, or, if you need only simple functionalities, use the methods setMDCText(String mdc) and getMDCText() to set and retrieve the content of the field as “Manuel de codage”.

You can forbid the editing of the text with “setEditable(false)

One thing which is currently missing from the libraries (but which should be fixed soon) is a way to easily direct the information from the palette to various JSesh widgets (it can be done with the overall structure, but it's not automatic at all).

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