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 The preferred way is to use git, with the command: The preferred way is to use git, with the command:
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-git clone clone
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +Normally, the **master** branch contains up-to-date and compilable code. It's the only one I would suggest to clone. Other branches are
 +  * production: ongoing fixes and small changes, which will be applied to the master branch. That's ongoing work, so don't expect it to compile all the time.
 +  * development:​ ongoing work for next version of JSesh
 +  * jfx-test: some work to see how to adapt JSesh to Java FX. 
 +===== Compiling the code =====
 +that'​s ​
 +    mvn install ​   ​
 +Before that, you might choose which version of JSesh you want to compile. Various releases are tagged. So, you might 
 +do something like 
 +    git checkout release-5.3
 +    mvn clean install ​   ​
 +to compile JSesh version 5.3. all tags can be listed by typing ​
 +    git tag
 +Then, you can use the JSesh libraries in your program by referencing the in your pom.xml. ​
 +For instance:
 +  <​groupId>​org.qenherkhopeshef</​groupId>​
 +    <​artifactId>​jseshGlyphs</​artifactId>​
 +    <​version>​5.3</​version>​
 +  </​dependency>​
 +  <​dependency>​
 +    <​groupId>​org.qenherkhopeshef</​groupId>​
 +    <​artifactId>​jsesh</​artifactId>​
 +    <​version>​5.3</​version>​
 +  </​dependency>​
 +  <​dependency>​
 +  <​groupId>​org.qenherkhopeshef</​groupId>​
 +    <​artifactId>​qenherkhopeshefUtils</​artifactId>​
 +    <​version>​5.3</​version>​
 +  </​dependency> ​               ​
 +Note that, from JSesh 6.7 onward, the groupId will be changed to 
 +      <​groupId>​org.qenherkhopeshef.jsesh</​groupId>​
 +in order to simplify maven repositories management (I want to be able to easily remove all old versions of JSesh with a simple rm on my computer)
 +If you want to *run* JSesh, the module is **jseshAppli**. The latest version of jsesh-installer provides two folders, one for Mac and one for Windows, with almost ready distributions - the end of the production-building is currently manual, see at the root of the JSesh project.
 ===== How to ===== ===== How to =====
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