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-====== Word processor specific issues======+====== ​JSesh and Word processors ​======
-Alas, alas, alas, copy/paste and graphic embedding are much more complex than they should be, due to a generalized lack of cooperation between the main actors of the domain. Thus we discuss here the issues related ​to specific ​word processors ​(and similar softwares).+A detailled chapter is devoted ​to how to use JSesh with various ​word processors. Here I will only make a small list, and give suggestions.
-===== Format choices for Mac applications ===== +  * **Beware ​of WORD**. This is not Microsoft bashing, it's a simple constatation. JSesh exports its hieroglyphs as pictures, and word doesn'​t like them very much. To be honestit depends on the version of Word. Recently (as of 2016), I had the pleasant surprise to see that RTF+EMF was now correctly handled by Word 2011 on the Mac. However, I have had many problems with Mac OS versions of Word. Word 2008 tended ​to mix the pictures. Signs would appear in unexpected parts of the document. Later versions of Word on the Mac seem to have dropped Microsoft'​s own versions of its own format. ​In the latest versions of Wordthe picture ​formats ​supported by the Mac OS and Windows versions of Word **are not the same**. Which means the files are not portable. A random quote from an angry user on​ : "//It is true that Microsoft ​seems generally to be against anything ​that would make printing documents on win & mac compatible. In addition to this problem, on Win you must use .emf for vector graphics, while on Mac, pdf. Its only the 11th version of Office.//" 
- +  * LibreOffice,​ OpenOffice ​and Neooffice are goodand provide a reasonable compatibility with WordThey respect ​the pictures you give them, and don't modify themLibreOffice has a nicer screen displayTo be honestI like the Word processing partbut the "​slide"​ presentation system (Impress) is not really goodOpenOffice ​(and cohave the really nice advantage that everyone can have the same version of the software
-As of today (april the 21th, 2016) +  * Mac-Specific ​softwares like Mellel give good resultsbut have a hard time exporting their text to the rest of the world, especially when the said text contains picturesSo it depends on what you want to do with your texts.
- +
-  * Word 2011 for Mac started (at last) to accept copy/​paste ​of RTF texts containing pictures (the "​standard"​ way for JSesh to perform copy/​paste),​ and it accepts now EMF format ​in themPDF is no longer ​the "​best"​ solution as PDF pictures tend to be badly cropped. +
-  * On word 2008usable ​formats ​are RTF and PDF, PDF giving ​the best results. It seems that you can use "​EMF"​ pictures in the RTF exportEMF gives much better results than Mac Pict. +
-  * On word 2004, only RTF is reasonableIt should be configured to use MacPict pictures +
-  * On Nissus ​and Mellelone can use either PDF or RTFAs the PDF keeps its commentsit is possible to cut and paste to and from JSeshFor RTF, you need to use MacPict as output format. +
-  * On Openoffice/​NeoOfficePDF doesn'​t work yetso one needs to use RTFThe suggested picture formats is EMF (with better graphical results). +
-  * for non-text oriented ​softwares ​(like Powerpoint or Keynotes) : use PDF. +
- +
- +
-===== Format choices for Windows applications ===== +
- +
-  * for Word or Openoffice Writer : use RTFwith EMF as graphical format. You might also use EMF directly. +
-  * for non-text oriented softwares (like Powerpoint) : use EMF. +
- +
-===== Format choices for Linux applications===== +
- +
-For OpenOffice et al. : use RTF, with EMF as graphical format.+
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